Off the Grid Farm Rules

These rules are for your own safety and the safety of the stock on the farm.

  1. Please keep to the speed limit of 20km/hr through the farm and do not detour off the main entrance driveway.
  2. Leave all gates as you find them.
  3. Please do not walk through the paddocks. At certain times of the year there are bulls working in their herds and they can be very unpredictable.
  4. As this is a working farm, from time to time there will be cows and calves being moved along the main track. Please be patient and move your vehicle slowly and quietly through the stock.
  5. If you have hired the hangar and have use of the 4WD, it is only to be used to get from the hangar to the bach and beach. It is by no means to be driven on the beach or to leave the property.
  6. The map attached shows the areas that are safe for you to access. There are also areas marked that can be hazardous, ie parts of the beach when the tide is in.
  7. Please no smoking in the bach or any of the buildings! There is diesel stored in the shed for the bach generator.